Grilled Portabello Mushrooms – my way

Posted: November 17, 2011 in Recipes
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I thought of this recipe on a whim, one day.  It was my turn to make dinner that night and I had been craving grilled mushrooms (I LOVE MUSHROOMS!).  I had the feta and brucetta mix at home and I knew mushroom usually got marinated with balsamic vinegar. So with a little thought I came up with this ….. I hope you like it!  The flavors of the balsamic, the cheese and the tomato meld together well.

You will need …

Lg Portobello Mushroom Caps (however many you want to make,  I usually make 6 to 8 so I have leftovers)

balsamic vinegar

Feta Cheese, plain or seasoned

Brucetta Mix (in a jar) from Trader Joes  (I LOVE this stuff!)

What to do …

In a large flat dish, lay out the mushroom caps, fin side up.

Drizzle with balsamic vinegar then head to the gym or go for a run.

When you return, heat up the grill to medium  heat.

Once the grill is heated, and before you put the mushrooms on the grill, turn the caps over to drain out any excess vinegar, preferably in a bowl and not over your grill 🙂

Grill the caps to your liking, usually 10 -15 minutes. Flipping them over, occasionally.

Flip the caps, on the grill, so that the fins face up.

Fill the fin areas with some feta cheese (to your liking) and depending on the size of your caps.

Close the grill cover for a few minutes, so that the cheese warms up and gets a little gooey.

Next top with the bruchetta mix, about a heaping Tbsp. or more, if your mushrooms are on steroids.

Close grill cover for a few minutes to warm up the buchetta.

Remove from grill and serve with a spinach side or green beans and don’t forget the beer!


Donna and Matt


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