Port Brwing, Mongo I.P.A.

Posted: March 24, 2012 in Recipes

Port Brewing Mongo I.P.A.

This was my first beer that I have tried from the Port Brewing Company. I can’t wait to try more because this was pretty good. The pour was good with a nice orange color and smells of  heavy hop and flowers. The first taste is bitter, very bitter in fact. The middle and end are extremely smooth, maybe because the first taste of hops numbs your taste buds a bit. That may make you think the end is smooth. There was much more sediment – I got those little chunks at the last 1/2 inch of the pour, much more than any other beers I have tried, including the Belgian styles. At 8.5 ABV and a holy cow of 99 IBU this stands up to some of the better IPA’s I have tried. If you like that traditional bitter IPA taste, but with that modern craft beer twist. This one is for you. I would defiantly buy this one again.

Overall Grade: B+




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