Samuel Adams, Dark Depths Baltic IPA

Posted: April 14, 2012 in Recipes

Samuel Adams, Dark Depths Baltic IPA

Sam Adams continues to produce awesome beers, this one being one of them. Pours good with a thick stout like head. A full bodied beer for sure with lots of different flavors throughout. Malt, hop, chocolate, smoke, caramel and coffee, to name a few. As I am sitting here drinking this beer, I find it a tiny bit lacking in the bitterness, for the IPA category. Still though, it is a good beer. While reading the label I just noticed that it is brewed with lager yeast. That fantastic larger yeast that Sam Adams uses is probably one of the best out there. That classic Sam Adams flavor that comes from their yeast, sits with you throughout this beer. Sold in a 22oz. bottle and 7.6% ABV and only a 55 IBU, ( a little low for an IPA in my opinion). I am a little biased when I review anything from the Boston beer company, AKA Sam Adams. Being from Boston it is one of those things we take pride in here, kind of like the Red Sox and the New England Patriots. Enjoy! and go SOX!

Overall Grade: B+




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