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The Grill Next Door, Haverhill MA

Posted: November 27, 2011 in Restaurants

The Grill Next Door

We went here for dinner on Thanksgiving Eve, after they posted on Facebook some new beers they were tapping that night.

If you like great beers and you live in the area, please like them on Facebook.  When ever they tap a new beer, this is how they let their fans know about it.  On this particular day, they were introducing DogFish Heads Theobroma (Aztec cocoa powder and cocoa nibs, honey, chillies, and annatto -fragrant tree seeds)  and Sierra Nevadas Ovila Quad (A Collaboration w/ the Abbey of New Clairvaux.  Rich & complex w/ layers of flavor like intense dark fruits & caramel maltiness).

We arrived early (about 530pm).  We knew they start getting busy around 6pm and on this night there was no exception.  Shortly after we arrived, all the seating was taken and a waiting line was forming.

The atmosphere is nice but the room gets a bit loud when it fills up.  Sometimes it was hard to hear the people sitting at our table.

Our waitress came and took our drink orders.  I had the Theobroma,

and Matt had the Quad.  Due to the higher than normal alcohol content of these beers (9% and 10.4% respectively), they were properly served in smaller beer glasses.  My dad ordered the sampler,

which came with 4-4oz glasses of the beers he picked.  My mom got a diet soda (she is not much of a drinker).  The waitress brought us our drinks within a reasonable time, except for the sampler which took longer – not sure why that would be.

We then ordered our meals; The Prime Rib Dinner (12 oz),

The Classic Reuben Sandwhich with Fries,

The Ravioli Special (with Sausage)

and The Baked Mac N’ Cheese.

Everyone said they enjoyed their meals a lot. I had the Mac and Cheese and it was served very very hot.  It needed a little time to cool before I could eat it.  I also felt that the meal needed a little salt.

With all that said, if you are a beer geek, then you need to visit this place.  With approximately 40 beers on tap (including some cask conditioned beers), your taste buds will not get bored.  The food is typical pub food, nothing that stood out to me as being something special.  The serving sizes are generous, and the wait staff is friendly and prompt with taking the orders and serving the meals.

If you have been here already, please let us know what you though of The Grill Next Door!


Donna and Matt


Not Your Average Joes, Methuen MA

Posted: October 23, 2011 in Restaurants

Yay! Our first restaurant review!

I must say, this is one of our favorite restaurants to visit. A pleasant atmosphere, great food and an excellent staff.  Our waiter, Jarrod, was very informative when we asked questions about the menu.  We also had a great conversation with him about beer – he knew his stuff and we were impressed.

Later during the meal, we were visited by Rob. I believe he is a manager there.  He asked us how we were enjoying ourselves and if we were happy with our meals. We ended up conversing with him for a while. Discussing things such as their menu and how they offer healthy choices, beer (of course), why we were taking photos of our meals, and  NYAJ’s in general. By the time we ended our conversation, I was ready to give him my resume!  This company seems like such a great place to work.

On to our experience …

We arrived during the busiest hours and had to wait about 35 minutes before we were seated.  They have call ahead seating, but we did not do this because we wanted to have a few drinks at the bar while waiting.  Matt had a Paulaner Octoberfest and I had a Wolaver Organic Pumpkin Ale which was served with the rim coated in a cinnamon/sugar mix. YUM!  We have alway been pleased with the beer choices NYAJ’s provides and they are always changing up these choices with the seasons.

Matts second beer was an Old Rasputin.

I love beer tap pictures!

Once we were seated, we met Jarrod, our waiter with a great smile!  He immediately took our drink order and provided us with their signature focaccia bread and dipping oil.

Soon after, Jarrod was taking our meal order.  He was great – there was no long wait time between ordering and getting our drinks and meals and we did not feel rushed, either.  Through out our visit, he would continually wipe the table of any food that landed on it, thus keeping our table clean.  It was a nice touch to the great service they provide.

For an appetizer, we ordered the Vegetable Spring Rolls.  As described in their menu, “Rice wrappers filled with asparagus, basil, mint, cucumbers, carrots, rice noodles, and cilantro pesto, chilled and served with peanut dipping sauce.”  These rolls are so fresh tasting and the peanut sauce accompanies the rolls perfectly.

When Matt was ready for another beer, our waiter recommended the Mojo IPA.  It turned out to be a great choice.  Matt rates this beer as one of the better IPAs out there.

For our meals, Matt had the Vietnamese Salmon and I had the Rosemary Scallops. Matt thought the salmon was fantastic with a nice balance between sweet and spicy.  The scallops were great, too. Soft and tender and very, very little grit. The scallops came with a Couscous Succotash which was good, but I think I would have preferred a drier couscous.

Vietnamese Salmon

Rosemary Scallops

The meals were also very satisfying.  They did not leave us feeling stuffed nor feeling like it was not enough.   We had enough room for dessert!

We ended up sharing the very yummy Peanutbutter Thing. As it turns out, this is their highest calorie dessert –  It’s a good thing we shared it!

Peanutbutter Thing

After finishing our meals and paying our tab, Jarrod asked us to fill out a simple survey which was done on an iPod Touch (how very modern).  He handed it to us to answer the questions while he processed our payment.  If you get to do this survey, be sure to provide them with your email.  The next morning, I had an email from NYAJ for a coupon for 15% of our next visit!  And we will also get meal coupons for our birthday months.  Definitely something to take advantage of!

NYAJ offers easy access to their menu and they also provide nutritional information as well.

We hope you get a chance to visit NYAJ, if you have not yet.  We feel it is a great restaurant that wants their patrons to be happy with their experience. They engage their customers for feedback and want you to feel at home when you are there.  They have a varied menu with great beer choices that change with the seasons, providing variety along with their staple menu items.


Donna and Matt